Stories from the Belly button of the world

The book includes 15 stories and fairy tales.


Introduction by the author

Story of Cardinocchio

Story of the squires at the Battle of Agincourt

The story of an untold love in the Bayeux Tapestry

Story of the king King Ninth and his wise decree

Story of the beautiful Mapraputa

A Japanese story

Story of the African who swam the Nile and reached the Black Sea

Story of the lion with the painting at sunset

Story of the postman Gary, who built a house at the Belly button of the world

Story of the Knight of the Sorry Publicist

Story of the professor who planted tomatoes on Mars

Story of the Man with the notebook who wanted to be a great writer

World press review

Interview with the only translator who speaks the language of the Belly button of the world


Published in Varna, 2016

“Ongal” Publishing

ISBN 978-619-7079-87-6

Illustrated by Kremena Tsankova, Vesselin Markov and Irina Vesselinova Markova.

Graphic design Vesselin Markov


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